Monday, September 14, 2015

How to show a widget on specific page? [WordPress]

A week ago, my friend asked me how to show a widget on homepage only. So today, I decide to post about this.

And here's the simple guide :
  • Go to "Plugins" menu
  • Install plugin "display widget"
  • Activate the plugin
  • on the "Widgets" menu, click options panel for the widget you would like to modify.
  • Select "Show on Checked' or 'Hide on Checked' from the dropdown and tick the boxes.
    eq: If you want to create a widget that show only on homepage; you can choose Show on checked, and then tick frontpage box.
show widget on homepage only

I've been using this plugin for years. I hope these tips may be useful as well for you.
And like I said in the title, this tips only for wordpress custom domain.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Pokemon Go - Let's Catch Pokemon in the Real World!

Do you want to catch Pokemon in the real world? You can track, capture, train, and fight with other Pokemon by using real-world setting.

Pokemon Go will be available on 2016. This game is the result of a collaboration of three companies namely Pokémon Company, Nintendo and Niantic (Ingress Developer).

Pokemon Go will use a game system like the ingress, the location-based games. President Pokemon Company, Tsunekazu Ishihara said that in the making, Pokemon Go itself is inspired by the Ingress. John Hanke, Head of Lab Niantic describe Pokemon Go as a game that can be enjoyed together with family.

"Imagine you catch Pokemon, such as Pikachu or Bulbasaur in places that had probably not guessed, such as Shinjuku Station or the Eiffel Tower," he said.

For additional information, you can also play using a Bluetooth-based accessory device called Pokemon Go Plus. In its consumer devices that are similar to this bracelet serves as a reminder if any Pokemon that are near you.
Pokemon Go Device

Gotta catch 'em all............ :D

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Latest Version ROM for Redmi Note 3G

I've tried to download latest version ROM for Redmi Note 3G via OTA, but failed. Finally I decided to download it manually.
redmi note 3g picture

Currently the latest ROM for Redmi Note 3G is If you want to download it, please check this this link (official download page). As a reminder, do not forget to backup your phone before upgrading the data.